"Previously the bath with a shower over was in front of a deep recessed window, so, to open the widow one had to climb in the bath; not easy as it was also raised and boxed in with tiles all around it. The whole room was also boringly beige. Charlotte reconfigured the layout, produced the mood boards and more importantly for me the click and order shopping list for everything and liaised with the builder. I love Art Deco and thanks to Charlotte I now have the most beautiful bathroom".

Interior design client 2020

"I cannot recommend Mackay Interiors highly enough! Charlotte has helped us to design most rooms in our home – some before lockdown with the full home visit service, and some during lockdown via the e-design package – both of which have been fabulous! Before we met Charlotte we were worried that by using an interior design service, our house would no longer feel like ours…we couldn’t have been more wrong! Whilst Charlotte encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone and consider styles we may never have done before, we’ve ended up with a home that we love, and which completely reflects our personalities. Charlotte went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our designs and that every little detail was perfect. Thank you!"

L Ridlington - Interior design client 2020

"I love my home but I had two problem rooms. Room one - my sitting room. I put up with it for 7 years; I would have divorced it had it been a husband! One evening I sent Charlotte this message, 'I'm so disappointed with my sitting room I can't think my way out of it!', and so the magic began. I had no idea how much Charlotte was prepared to do. We talked, she had a look around my home and asked me how brave I was. Initially, very but when she showed me the ideas I was unsure. Charlotte pared back her design to appease my cowardice but it wasn't as WOW! Trust her. Not only does one get a fabulous design she sources all the materials all one has to do is click and order. It's fabulously easy hopefully Charlotte can provide the before and after pictures." 

S Markham - Interior design client 2020